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By PHOENIX STAFF  |  January 25, 2012


College is all about ordering pizza at all hours, often delivered to dorms or apartments hosting major cram sessions (or, you know, other student-type activities). But what if you're out and about, on the town, and want a slice for lunch? Just one — maybe two — nothing more. Certainly not a whole pie, whose leftover pieces you'd have to drag around all afternoon.

Not to worry. We here at the Phoenix have painstakingly sampled all the places selling pies by the slice, and offer up our choices for not just the best places to go, but what to look for on the slice menu when you arrive. (Warning: Slice offerings change daily, so our recommendations may not be there when you arrive. It can be worth asking, though — some places will make 'em up special if you're willing to wait.)

Portland Pie Company

51 YORK ST, PORTLAND | 207.772.1231 | 869 MAIN ST WESTBROOK | 207.591.6248 | 400 EXPEDITION DR, SCARBOROUGH | 207.510.6999 |  PORTLANDPIE.COM | SLICES $3-4

F NOR'EASTER | Spicy buffalo chicken and bleu cheese dressing (no red sauce) will have you heated right up

F CHAMBERLAIN | Pulled pork with General Tso's sauce, sweet peppers, carrots, and sesame seeds make by far the most adventurous flavor combo you'll find at Portland Pie, and well worth the tasting


576 CONGRESS ST, PORTLAND | 207.773.7099 | 225 CONGRESS ST, PORTLAND | 207.358.7870 |  OTTOPIZZA.COM | $3-3.50

F BACON, SCALLION, MASHED POTATO | Just as it says, with no red sauce; simple and savory

F ROASTED TOMATO, RICOTTA, BASIL | A step up from the traditional margherita, this has deeper flavor


10 EXCHANGE ST, PORTLAND | 207.541.9059 |  ROMAPIZZA.US | $3.25

F SAUSAGE AND PARMESAN | Every bite will get some sweet Italian sausage, with an Old Country sauce and ItaliaTV

F CAULIFLOWER AND CHEESE | Loaded with veggies and cheese: You'll need a fork; you won't need a second slice


Joe's New York Pizza

420 FORE ST, PORTLAND | 207.699.5559 |  JOESNYPIZZA.COM | $3-4.50

F HAWAIIAN | Ham and pineapple on a crispy thin crust with a light touch of red sauce

F LASAGNA | Without the noodles, and with large pillows of Ricotta


415 FOREST AVE, PORTLAND | 207.775.4444 |  LEONARDOSONLINE.COM | $1.50

F ROASTED CHICKEN BARBECUE | With onions, mushrooms, and roasted red bell peppers — get two plus a drink for $2.99

F ASIAN THAI CHICKEN | You read it right: Thai peanut sauce on pizza, and it's as good as you expect


46 PINE ST, PORTLAND | 207.347.8267 |  BONOBOPIZZA.COM | $2.40-$3.25

F FARM | Another variety on the sausage pizza, with onions and oregano

F GOAT | For the veggie lovers: sun-dried tomatoes, peppers, spinach, goat cheese, Parm, and rosemary

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