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at 8:00 pm

"Tonya and Nancy: The Rock Opera"

3 events, Jan 31 Through Feb 2   More dates
2 Arrow St, Cambridge, MA   (view map)

We thought Tonya Harding’s 15 minutes of very shameful notoriety were over long ago. But we were wrong. Figure skating’s most infamous villain is back (as a character) in Tonya and Nancy: The Rock Opera. The bizarre production tells the now well-known tale of a young girl so desperate for Olympic gold she’d break some kneecaps for it — or at least hire a thug to do it for her. Lest you wonder whether this doesn’t border on poor taste (hey, it was 17 years ago — the statute on “too soon” has expired), the show promises a delicate balance between laugh-out-loud hilarity and heart-crushing poignancy. Come experience one of Olympic history’s biggest scandals, satirized and set to a musical score, at Oberon.

Figure skating's biggest scandal gets the rock opera treatment. Whyyyyy? Why not!

Upcoming Dates
Monday, January 31, 2011 @8:00 pm
"Tonya and Nancy: The Rock Opera"
Tuesday, February 01, 2011 @8:00 pm
"Tonya and Nancy: The Rock Opera"
Wednesday, February 02, 2011 @8:00 pm
"Tonya and Nancy: The Rock Opera"
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