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Will Mass ban medibles?

Burning Questions
"Medibles" are medical-marijuana edibles — foods that can come in any number of forms, from candies, cookies, brownies, and lollipops to lasagna, soup, and tea.
By: VALERIE VANDE PANNE  |  March 13, 2013


Hash Oil: Medicinal, or solvent-laden scare?

Burning Questions
Hash oil, also known as "BHO," "honey oil," "wax," "honeycomb," and "shatter," is a powerful, concentrated cannabis extract.
By: VALERIE VANDE PANNE  |  March 01, 2013


Got a connection?

Burning Questions
My sympathies for your pain. You are not alone in your quest for relief without using pharmaceutical painkillers.
By: VALERIE VANDE PANNE  |  February 08, 2013


Is your weed covered?

Burning Questions
Will my health insurance cover medical marijuana? Can I share my medical marijuana? Your burning questions, answered.
By: VALERIE VANDE PANNE  |  January 29, 2013


California pot RX: legal in MA?

Burning Questions
My boyfriend has a medical-marijuana card from California. Will dispensaries in Massachusetts accept that?
By: VALERIE VANDE PANNE  |  January 15, 2013


Flying high? Your MMJ inquiries, answered

Burning Questions
"Doctors have the First Amendment right to talk about things with their patients," including marijuana, explains well-known local pot attorney Steve Epstein.
By: VALERIE VANDE PANNE  |  January 02, 2013


How to toke if you're broke

Burning Questions
Welcome to "Burning Questions," the first in a series devoted to your medical-marijuana FAQs.
By: VALERIE VANDE PANNE  |  December 18, 2012


Everything you want to know about Massachusetts and medical marijuana but were afraid to ask

Haze of Glory
Here in Massachusetts and around the country, it's been a celebratory few weeks as marijuana prohibitions have gone up in smoke.
By: VALERIE VANDE PANNE  |  November 16, 2012


Higher education: How to do drugs in Boston

If you choose to partake, at least do it right
The leaves are changing color, and it's not because you ate a special mushroom pizza. The air is crisp, the nights are getting longer, and you're drinking coffee at 4 am. It's fall, and time to go back to school.
By: VALERIE VANDE PANNE  |  September 01, 2010


Air waves

Pot radio blows outta Boston
Nestled in an unsuspecting downtown loft, a radio station swirls with pot smoke. Six days a week, burns up listeners' ears with a mix of local music and comedians.
By: VALERIE VANDE PANNE  |  July 15, 2011


Spice is nice?

K2 is an easy, legal way to get a cannabis-like high, and it won't show up on a drug test. But is it safe?
It comes in a little silver or multi-colored packet, sold as incense, and clearly marked "not for consumption."
By: VALERIE VANDE PANNE  |  July 25, 2010


Endangered species: a late-term abortionist speaks

Marked man
LeRoy Carhart is one of a handful of doctors performing late-term abortions in the US, and one of just three performing abortions in Nebraska.
By: VALERIE VANDE PANNE  |  July 07, 2010


Paraphernalia paranoia: Allston head shops shut down

Who is responsible for the wave of "functional glass art" shop raids that has recently taken place throughout Allston?
By: VALERIE VANDE PANNE  |  July 02, 2010


This is your summer . . . on drugs

Nine ways to take the high way out of Dullsville
Ah, those weird Lazy Summer Days (LSDs) in Boston. What to do on them, so as not to go out of your head with boredom?
By: VALERIE VANDE PANNE  |  June 26, 2010


Drawing inspiration

Anarchist Seth Tobocman brings radical comic-book to the Lucy Parsons Center
"Die, yuppie scum," chants the long-haired man, to the beat of a pounding drum. "You don't need to fuck people over to survive."
By: VALERIE VANDE PANNE  |  June 16, 2010


Cape Wind: It’s Complicated

Obama gave the green-energy project a green light. Now, a slew of messy coalitions are going to battle over the future of clean energy.  
Thousands of years ago, the terrain beneath what is now Nantucket Sound was dry, and populated by the ancestors of the Wampanoag people, who continue to revere it.
By: VALERIE VANDE PANNE  |  May 07, 2010


Lady of Leisure’s Prison Memoir

Crook Book Dept.
In prison, Piper Kerman had to get used to, among other trials, a bathroom infested with insects.
By: VALERIE VANDE PANNE  |  May 05, 2010


What a prick!

The not-so-pretty secrets of the pretty-flower business.
Saint Valentine, it is said, would pick the violets that grew outside his prison cell window. The third-century martyr would write little notes of love on the violets' leaves with ink that he made from the flowers' petals.
By: VALERIE VANDE PANNE  |  February 12, 2010


Up in Smoke in New Hampshire

Live Fried or Die Dept.
President Barack Obama has championed a platform that pledges commitment to a green economy. But this probably isn't what he had in mind.
By: VALERIE VANDE PANNE  |  January 06, 2010


Burning down the house

The roof is on Fire Dept.
"The life of the artist is seeing possibility where other people don't," says Madeleine Steczynski, an East Boston artist and activist.
By: VALERIE VANDE PANNE  |  December 28, 2009
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