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Review: War of the Buttons

Based upon Louis Pergaud's beloved and much adapted 1912 novel, this retread by Christophe Barratier ( Paris 36 ) is flawed but has its charms.
By: PEG ALOI  |  October 24, 2012


Review: The Apparition

Todd Lincoln's tepid feature
Todd Lincoln's tepid feature debut borrows from some horror standouts of the last 15 years.
By: PEG ALOI  |  August 29, 2012

Review: The Well-Digger's Daughter

Review: The Well-Digger’s Daughter

Based on the novel by Marcel Pagnol
Daniel Auteuil ( Manon of the Spring ) directs and stars in this melodrama set in Provence during World War I.
By: PEG ALOI  |  July 24, 2012


Review: 5 Broken Cameras

Recording turmoil
Emad Burnat, a Palestinian villager, goes through five different cameras from 2005 to 2010, each one broken when the Israeli military or police assault him as he tries to record the ongoing turmoil.
By: PEG ALOI  |  June 19, 2012


Review: The Fairy

Surreal urban fantasy
Belgian filmmaking trio Dominique Abel, Fiona Gordon, and Bruno Romy (L'Iceberg) have crafted a bittersweet, surreal urban fantasy set in the dreary seaside town of Le Havre.
By: PEG ALOI  |  April 18, 2012

movies Kill List

Review: Kill List

Ben Wheatley's Yorkshire-based crime thriller
Following up his impressive debut, Down Terrace , Ben Wheatley's Yorkshire-based crime thriller swerves with abrupt satisfaction into horror in its final moments.
By: PEG ALOI  |  February 28, 2012

review: The Innkeepers

Review: The Innkeepers

Ti West's spook show
Ti West's spook show is atmospheric (thanks to the terrific hotel setting) and frequently funny; but the plot line is choppy, the dialogue often unnecessary, and the scares too sparse.
By: PEG ALOI  |  January 31, 2012

Short take - Ottawa Animation Fest

Review: The best of the Ottawa International Animation Film Festival

Canadian animations
The Canadians produce the best animation programs and prove it again with this international selection.
By: PEG ALOI  |  January 24, 2012

the debt 3

Review: The Debt

John Madden's smart, icy thriller
Based on the 2007 Israeli film Ha-Hov, the story weaves present and past together, with most of the action surrounding the fateful mission and the perilous web of duty, passion, and betrayal that still haunts the agents.
By: PEG ALOI  |  August 30, 2011

one day 3

Review: One Day

A love that spans 20 years
Following her stunning coming-of-age tale, An Education, Danish director Lone Scherfig returns to London for this adaptation of the bestselling novel about a love that spans 20 years.
By: PEG ALOI  |  August 16, 2011

priest2 list

Review: Priest

Priests vs. vampires
Director Scott Stewart ( Legion ) helms this futuristic tale of a barren world under siege.
By: PEG ALOI  |  May 19, 2011


Review: Stake Land

Tale of a vampire plague
From producer Larry Fessenden ( Wendigo ) and filmmaker Jim Mickle ( Mulberry Street ) comes this minimal, profound tale of a vampire plague in America.
By: PEG ALOI  |  April 27, 2011


Review: White Irish Drinkers

John Gray's semi-autobiographical coming-of-age tale
Writer/director John Gray's debut feature is a solid indie effort, a semi-autobiographical coming-of-age tale set in Brooklyn circa 1975.
By: PEG ALOI  |  March 25, 2011


Review: Of Gods and Men

Thoughtful true story about the search for peace and purpose in a chaotic world
Xavier Beauvois co-wrote and directed this thoughtful true story of a small Trappist monastery situated in a poor Algerian Muslim village overrun with fundamentalist mercenaries.
By: PEG ALOI  |  March 17, 2011


Review: Red Riding Hood

Sexy fairy tale adaptation with a bite
Sexy fairy tale adaptation with a bite
By: PEG ALOI  |  March 11, 2011


Review: The Eagle

Channing Tatum gets stuck in a buddy movie
Like Neil Marshall's Centurion, this historic tale of the Ninth Roman Legion in Britain features Pictish warriors and jaw-dropping scenery.
By: PEG ALOI  |  February 09, 2011


Review: The Rite

The crucifix is in
After the success of The Last Exorcism (a horror film masquerading as a fake documentary) comes a "true" story trying to be a horror film.
By: PEG ALOI  |  January 26, 2011


Review: Season of the Witch

Nic Cage can't save this one
Dominic Sena ( Kalifornia ) directs a wooden Nicolas Cage and an uncomfortable Ron Perlman as jaded Crusade knights whose desertion lands them in hot holy water with the Church.
By: PEG ALOI  |  January 11, 2011


Review: Kings of Pastry

Dessert documentary is pretty sweet
From master documentarians Chris Hegedus and D.A. Pennebaker comes this foodie film chronicling a three-day contest of mastery among French pastry chefs.
By: PEG ALOI  |  September 21, 2010


Review: The Last Exorcism

Be afraid . . . to pay full price for this mess
We can thank The Blair Witch Project for a stream of fake documentaries aspiring to be edgy horror films.
By: PEG ALOI  |  August 25, 2010
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