Yelp Reviews of the Earthquake



Undaunted by today's harrowing events, Yelpers across the Hub dashed to their laptops to do what they do best: speak their minds. Here, we present the best of Yelp's extensive and brave coverage of the earthquake.* 


David C., Somerville, MA
Five stars

Totally happy. The earthquake took great care of us. Delicate, perfect. It didn’t break anything. I’ve been in a few earthquakes before, so I'm familiar but no expert. This earthquake was great. It was patient, gentle, and above all PATIENT.

TREMORS: Mild. Comfortable. Neat. Atmosphere was very a bit hysterical. AFTERSHOCK: Awesome.

Dan P., Chelsea, MA
One star

I can't help but think that I am missing something. I went to the earthquake with a couple of friends and none of us were impressed.

The best way to put this is that it's a "trendy" or "hipster" earthquake as my friends would say. It felt like we had walked into an earthquake in NY, by the people there, the atmosphere and the prices. The earthquake seemed very lame. Not a lot going on, and everyone just kind of stayed to their group. The tremors were extremely expensive for the size we got, and they didn't shake us that great either. I wanted a pretty basic earthquake and puckered at how sweet it was.

Also, after coming into work this morning, I had a few coworkers that agreed that it was over-hyped.

Maybe I need to experience it again on another day, since everyone else raved about it, but I think this earthquake was a huge let down.


* I made these up by plugging the word “earthquake” into actual Yelp reviews of other things.

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