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Reading list: Gabrielle Giffords, Jared Lee Loughner, and the Arizona shootings

Updated 3:20 pm
What we're reading today. [Got links we should see? Tweet them @bostonphoenix or add in the comments.]

Accomplice theory ruled out: "second" man was innocent cab driver. [NYTimes Caucus Blog]

According to screenshots of his MySpace Page, alleged assassinator Jared Lee Loughner appears to have been a fan of prog-hardcore band Fear Before the March of Flames. [] Video: Fear Before the March of Flames [Vimeo]

Source of the Radical Right's contention that -- despite much more recent and stronger evidence to the contrary -- Jared Lee Loughner was a "leftist" in high school? The Twitter feed of a singer/songwriter friend of shooter, who hasn't seen him since 2007 [@caitieparker]

Need help trying to decode Loughner's rambling YouTube videos? We got you:


Congresswoman's surgeon was battlefield-trained, says Boston's favorite surgeon. New Yorker contributor Atul Gawande Tweets a link to the lead surgeon at the hospital that handled the shooting victims: "Lead surgeon on 1st surg team in Afghanistan"

James Fallows on how political assassinations often proceed from cloudy logic. Meanwhile, Andrew Sullivan and his readers attempt to make sense of the context and the killer [The Atlantic]

The nine-year-old killed in the shooting was born on 9/11/2001, was a multi-sport athlete and dancer, and was the granddaughter of baseball star Dallas Green, who led the 1980 Philadelphia Phillies to a World Series [Huffington Post]

It wouldn't be a tragedy without a promise by GodHatesFags to picket the funerals.

Remember when Glenn Beck ridiculed Nancy Pelosi for speaking out against violet Tea Party rhetoric? [Crooks And Liars]

Was this progressive group trying to fundraise against the Giffords shooting? Leading right-wing whackos say yes.[American Thinker]

Republicans urge followers to deluge Arizona representative's office with "contempt": "It is a challenge to write an effective and compelling letter of scorn and contempt, but this woman deserves it, and I know you have it in you if you apply yourself." [HillBuzz.Org]

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