Boston Herald Comment Board Greatest Hits: Illegal Immigrant Healthcare Edition


If you've ever wondered what it's like to peek in on a Klan meeting, look no further than the Boston Herald comment boards. With an election days away, the tabloid is throwing buckets of red meat at their lowliest readers. Needless to say, this latest series about the cost of illegal immigrant healthcare to taxpayers is like a fresh delivery from Omaha Steaks.

Be sure to note the childish gang mentality, horrendous sense of humor, and complete ignorance of the fact that wealthy white people - not poor brown people - poisoned the economic climate. And if you have the time and stomach to peruse all of the comments, check out the disapproval ratings given to the "moonbats" who suggest that all humans deserve emergency treatment.

It should also be noted that some comments have been removed from the boards on account of their not following Herald guidelines, which I suppose means the rest are acceptable. Makes sense I suppose - especially in the context of the Howie Carr and Joe Fitzgerald vitriol that fuels these sort of white power tirades.

Lastly - I should hope that it goes without saying that I support the rights of these animals to speak freely, no matter how cowardly it is that they hide behind cutesy web handles. I'm just saying they're a bunch of bigots, and reminding those of you who disagree with their opinions that these simpletons will be out voting in force next Tuesday.

Chilihead: Yet another example of why to NOT vote for Scumocrats.

ImSplainin: Keep voting the Oabamadinejhad and Devalue political adgenda!!! They'll bankrupt ya before ya notice!!!


CarolT: Send them all back. Do you remember when the feds raided the New Bedford factory in 2007 and arrested 350 or more? Deval sent help to TX for them at our cost? Just another reason to vote out illegal supporters.

redicalrain: This is Massachusetts alone!!! and just emergency medical care which means snot nosed kids with a cold and the weekend bullet wound or stab victim. But the real cost is section 8 housing of Anchor Babies, Medicaid/Medical for the Anchor babies, schooling, day care, bus service, free lunches, food stamps, cash allowances, prenatal and postpartum and well baby care, and earned income credit tax returns which pay money over what an individual earned based on child care expenses. We are talking hundreds of billions nationally. They are breaking the economy of the country along with all of the other waste and fraud scams from the normal array of grifters and other thieves and criminals.

Themapples: America is a memory. This is something different. We've all been screwed over big time. Head for the hills, people.

Benji27: So what happens when we wake up and realize that our country -- formerly the envy of the world, the most prosperous nation on earth, the vanguard of the First World -- has sunken into a Third World, Latin American hole?

doriangray: The state needs to show courage and start denying free services and aid to these dirt bags. If not, Mass will turn into a total hell hole like much of Arizona and California.

OSAMAYURMAMA: Si Se Puede....(Bring back TB, Whooping Cough, Bedbugs!)

TooRotten: Gawd forbid we give them just the basic standard of care and then pack them up and ship their lazy effin arses back to their own country for them to fix it! They seem real vocal here about how they have rights?! Let them go back and CHANGE their own country with that they ran into the ground by doing the same thing as they are here. Remind you of anything? LOCUSTS!!!!!! They ruin an area, over feeding, destroying everything and then move on to a nice green area to do it all over again - breeding, eating and destroying!!! And we don't even attempt to stem the tide at all - ICE is useless because they were told they cannot enforce anything - Damn it I want MY country back!!!

theGreens: 1 word.... Outrage. Get them the F out of here. I don't care if you have to racially profile each and every "Immigrant" looking person out there by asking them for proper documentation.

onyourmark: Any doubts now that it's cheaper to deport them? Congress should make it a top priority to amend our immigration laws and begin deporting illegals without hearings 90 days after the effective date of the law. The deportations would continue while the ACLU and other groups challenge the law in courts...Anchor babies will no longer give automatic citizenship to illegals and no longer will be a reason not to deport the parents. 

nomobama: If you "document" some POS from w/e 3rd world hell hole and "tax them" the grand total of what they'd PAY in "taxes" would be ZERO.They ALL have multiple kids and since they're mostly too damn stupid to even learn the language, they'd live their entire lives at or near minimum wage. 

J535: And has anyone forgotten the baby thrown out of the window in East Boston. Who is paying for that child's care? That child whose mother is an illegal alien. US.

Fore1: Compassion for freeloaders???? Sorry pal, dont have any. City and towns are being ruined by these people - thats right, I said THESE PEOPLE! I have had enough of this dem bs. I pay over $1000 a month for my coverage. Guess how many times I have had to use it??? Not once! Now I read this? Enough!

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