Television LiveChat, 9-27-2010 (Mad Men, Boardwalk Empire, fall premieres, etc.)

You may or may not know the drill by now: come by this space around 12:30 to discuss the week in television. We're doing it this way (still a bit tentatively) so we'll all have things to talk about after this season of Mad Men wraps in three weeks. 

A thought for this week: back during the first season of Mad Men, creator Matthew Weiner was reported to have said something about envisioning the series going only five seasons. He later backpedaled from those remarks, noting that it was a bit presumptuous for him to even assume the show would get a second season at that point. Anyway, though, assuming he sees the show as having a limited lifespan (he did say he doesn't want the show to ever be set in the 1970s, but who knows how permeable that stance is), how many more seasons of Don, Joan, and Peggy do we want, or, for that matter, how many more do we need?

Also, Boardwalk Empire. People still enjoying that one, or is the backlash kicking in already?

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