Russians still spies, Die Hard still relevant?

Oh come on, only 15% is actually espionage! The rest is simply Ideological Subversion, duh.

Alright, silly Americans, it's that time to reset the clock and worry like it's 1988 -- Cold War-style! In case you haven't heard, in the last couple of days, the feds have rounded up 11 suspects thought to be Russian spies. Some of them were boring, like Donald Heathfield and Tracey Foley (she, wait for it, sometimes went by "Ann"), a couple from Cambridge with teenaged kids. And some of them looked like this.

To help with that sinking (yet strangely comforting) feeling of Iron Curtain panic, have a gander at the video above. A man named Yuri Bezmenov explains the Russian spy game (back when you knew for sure that all Russians were spies -- you know, classic Die Hard era). Now Russian spying isn't as romantic as Hollywood makes it seem -- nothing like James Bond, Bezmenov insists. Just, like, a lot of "psychological warfare." Also, he explains why Russians are so good at infiltration. Simple answer: because Americans aren't.

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