David Cross Bonus: Two Mr. Show Satires Become Reality In One Day

In our Back Talk with David Cross this week, we went as far as to call him the "contemporary king of alt-humor." And while that remains true today, it turns out that there is yet another flattering title that can be attributed to the sketch genius: comic soothsayer.

When news turned up on Huff Post yesterday that the United States is planning a unilateral intergalactic onslaught, we thought it was a joke being played by diehard Cross fans. But it's really true; "NASA is launching a dramatic mission to bomb the moon."

That was amazing enough to get us through most of yesterday, but hilarious "news" on the Colbert Report about a creepy California sperm bank that offers celebrity look-alike semen reminded us of another Mr. Show favorite: "The Pre-Natal Beauty Pageant."

That's right people - Americans are blowing up the moon and engineering their children to look like David Archuleta. Don't say Bob and David didn't predict this years ago.

Lastly, here's a quick Q&A regarding the last pilot that Bob and David shot for HBO. We didn't have space in the paper, so consider it a super duper web exclusive...

What’s the deal with David’s Situation - the pilot that you and Bob Odenkirk shot for HBO?
Cross: It’s hard to describe why it didn’t work creatively. Bob and I were very happy writing it, and we had a great time shooting it, and we loved the script. Everybody who was there thought it was fucking great too. But then when Bob and I were editing it together, it just didn’t retain that same feeling when you watched it on the small screen. It was missing an element, and HBO agreed with us. We went in and re-pitched an idea that was closer to Mr. Show, and they didn’t have any money left. They told us to come back next year, and that was a year ago, so I guess that might not ever happen.

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