MJ Tribute at Austrian Castle Cancelled

Jermaine Jackson's concert tribute honoring his late brother Michael was cancelled last Friday after press inquiries revealed the confused headlining acts didn't know they were headlining. Mary J. Blige, Natalie Cole, and "Beatdown" Chris Brown, all of whom were highlighted performers on the website for The Tribute, are busy with other commitments on Sept. 26 and denied involvement with the concert.

Jermaine (who, as Dlisted pointed out, now bears an odd resemblance to a "halfway-melted down Lego Man") shrugged it off, attributing the mix-up to scheduling conflicts rather than fraud. Interestingly, the legal page of The Tribute website states, "This website does not intend to convey the impression that the artists and personalities depicted here within have agreed to participate in the said event in any way, shape or form." At least one artist was officially signed on — Sister Sledge — but they would probably play anywhere for a handful of disco glitter and a half-eaten bag of Bugles.

While he took the news from his headliners in stride, Jermaine was not as patient with the entire country of Austria, which he accused of disrespecting his lineup and referring to them as "B-list artists." So now he's moving the tribute to London's Wembley Stadium, 65,000 ticketholders be damned — take that, Austria! The concert has been rescheduled for June 2010.

Boston's Club Cafe was also forced to cancel its Michael Jackson Farewell Tribute Show, which was scheduled to coincide with the broadcast. The event would have been headlined by multi-talented celebrity impersonator Joe Posa, an MJ lookalike who, strangely enough, can also impersonate Joan Rivers. (See him as Michael here.) In that case, we may have found another celeb for him to mimic until he can dust off his sequined glove again in June:

Steven Tyler: Joan Rivers impersonator [Source: Pembroke Express]

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