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Employee of the Month: Dane Cook's Brother (And Former Boss at Burger King) Arrested for Robbing Him of Million$

Earlier today the Globe broke a story about "a 43-year-old WIlmington man [who] allegedly stole millions of dollars while working as the business manager for a national entertainer with local ties." Why the AG wanted to keep the name of the victim a secret became apparent when some people googled the name of the perp. Turns out the name of the business manager, Darryl McCauley, matches the name of Dane Cook's business manager and occasional spokesman. A little more Googling reveals that McCauley also happens to be Dane Cook's brother. The Herald and TMZ have gotten that far, citing various "published reports." We'll push it one step further: Dane Cook's brother also used to be his boss at Burger King. The following comes from one of those so-called reports: a Scripps-Howard interview from 2006, just before the release of Cook's bomb-tastic flick Employee of the Month:

At one point his brother, Darryl McCauley, was his boss at Burger King. That point of his life has been the source of a lot of material for his act.

"He used to do the schedules in pen, but he did mine in pencil because I was always one step away from being taken out," [Cook] says with a laugh.

Sounds like McCauley might have been doing Cook's finances in pencil, too.

Ironically, comedians have been accusing Dane Cook of stealing jokes for years.

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  • Boston Knucklehead said:

    Poor Dane, the media found the black sheep.

    January 2, 2009 6:10 AM

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