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Ten Insults for People Who "Almost" Invested with Bernie Madoff

Everybody knows at least one person who claims to know at least one person who was in the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001. They truly believe all these stories, and since social regulations dictate that we’re not allow to call bullshit on them, most of us sit idly while people say things like, “He was never late to work even one day in the 35 years that he worked there, but for some reason he went in late that morning.” Like my friend Spencer says: “That World Trade Center must have had the biggest lobby in the world, because I alone know at least 10,000 people who were in there when the planes hit.”

Tragically, the same shamelessly narcissistic approach is being applied to the Bernie Madoff scandal. Of course I’m not talking about those who legitimately lost fortunes in the scam, but instead those who feel left out. My friend Matt – who played the holiday party rounds through Lexington and Newton – reports that he overheard several liars claim to have had Madoff papers sitting on their desks, unsigned. Basically they’re saying “I was cool enough to be invited to get swindled, but smart enough not to do it.” How convenient. Even Ben Stein went this route in the New York Times yesterday (though I actually believe him).

This epidemic is much more egregious than when folks attach themselves to terrorist attacks. Those sheeple aren’t lying as much as they’re pathetically hitching on to sweeping national grief; like David Cross says: “They just want to be part of the flag waving club.” This time around it’s as despicable as it’s transparent; I’m guessing that most people making these claims would be the first greedy bastards to jump at any chance to see serious investment returns. So, since no one should allow douchebags to boast about half-stepping with this scumbag, here are Ten Insults for People Who “Almost” Invested With Bernie Madoff.

10 – It’s too bad that you didn’t invest. Maybe if you did you’d have committed suicide by now.

9 – Isn’t your daughter the girl who blew all those Milton Academy hockey players a few years ago?

8 – What made you realize it was a bad idea? Was it that his name kind of sounds like “made off,” or was it just your famously shrewd business sense?

7 – I was going to invest with Bernie myself, but I just let him sodomize me with a toilet brush instead.

6 – You have to think though – maybe flushing your money down Madoff’s golden toilet would have been a better investment than that plastic bitch wife of yours.

5 – I know it sucks, but you have to look at it like this – at least there will be a lot more houses available in Newton for pro athletes and pizzeria owners to move into.

4 – None of this would have happened if we elected Ralph Nader president in 2000. I believe that chicken wings and blue cheese rule the planet earth. Would you like to shake my paw?

3 – You must be relieved. I felt the same way about my decision to not invest in the Big Dig.

2 – Did you read that article in the Wall Street Journal this morning about how FBI investigators are indicting people who didn’t invest but who knew about the scam and neglected to blow whistles?

1 – That’s lucky and all, but not as lucky as that time you cancelled your meeting in the Twin Towers on September 11th.

  • Madoff-related insults | Blog of said:

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    December 29, 2008 11:39 PM
  • sco said:

    Actually, the WTC did have a huge lobby area -- one in each building plus a mall that ran under the entire complex, a PATH train station and a NYC Subway station.  That's probably stretching the term 'lobby' a bit, but I would wager that way more than 10,000 people passed through the grounds of the WTC that morning.

    December 30, 2008 9:44 AM

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