Phoenix game reviewer will not sleep with Boba Fett. Sandbox dudes: Fail.

FNX's Sandbox crew interviewed me about my article "Girl’s Guide to 10 Hottest Video-Game Studs," possibly to put to rest the internet rumors that I am a) not a girl, and b) not a gamer. As they discovered, I am both of these things, and have a multitude of friends who share those qualities. If you, too, are dubious, the feminine lilt of my voice should convince you:


DOWNLOAD: Maddy Myers vs. The Sandbox (mp3)

The Sandboxers edited out some of the other questions they asked me, maybe for their benefit more than mine. It seems that dorky guys are relieved to hear that dorky girls exist, but still aren’t sure how to talk to them. I feel I must clarify that I do not plan to have sex with Special Ed, whether he wears a Boba Fett helmet or not. No, not even if I break up with my boyfriend. Sorry.

-- Maddy Myers

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