Dow shalt not steal

It may be inevitable that the working public (hereafter referred to as Main Street) ante
up to rescue our botched national economy — though it’s difficult to believe that our money is the only real money available.

But who could possibly be surprised that your average citizens, who feed so far down on
the fiscal food chain that they've never even seen a menu, are suspicious of the bail-out
schemes being debated in Washington.

What is the financial community (a/k/a Wall Street) really asking?
Try: “Okay, now give us more of your money so we can loan it back to you at interest.”
That’s not exactly a win-win deal for the average Joan.

Seems to us that popular opposition to that plan bespeaks a rare vision of clarity for the
American public. Bilking invisible victims third or fourth hand is one thing; cheating
yourself one on one is another. This may be especially obvious to people on low-five-digit
fixed incomes who hear tales of financial execs getting eight-figure bonuses for
effectively breaking the bank at the Wall Street casino.

It’s a well known fact (on the shadier blocks of Main Street anyway) that if the house can’t cover it’s losses,
it’s ripe for take-over by organized crime. But that happened years ago in the gambling dens of the nation’s financial districts. So the only option for the white-collar mob is extortion. And we Main Street residents are the hapless pigeons.

As we said, a bailout may be unavoidable, but don’t try to tell us it’s fair. Evebody bend over and save yourselves.

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