Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin is a pawn.

McCain tapping the first-term Alaska governor for the Vice President slot is so utterly transparent, such a condescending and craven move to seduce the jilted Hilllary supporters we keep hearing about. To suggest that women wanted to vote for Hillary solely because she’s a woman (and surely there were some who did), will therefore vote for any woman, even a conservative woman with practically no experience? It’s reductive and belittling. The argument that Palin on the ticket will woo these supposedly disenfranchised Clinton fans outright suggests that women are too angry and too irrational to look at what McCain and Palin actually represent. This line of argument --- the level of overblown-ness of the Clinton-to-McCain storyline --- has, I think, become the most sexist aspect of the entire campaign.

No woman should feel empowered by this choice.

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