Nerd Alert: Watchmen isn't going to get blocked, everyone

Watchmen fans are apparently going beserk over the potential - but, we feel the need to emphasize, highly unlikely - ramifications of Fox's lawsuit against Warner Bros. regarding the massively humongous and hotly anticipated Watchmen movie. The lawsuit alleges that Fox, who had purchased the rights to the celebrated graphic novel back in the early 90s, is still the owner of those distribution rights, and that Warner Bros. failed to properly secure those rights before going forth with the film. EW's Jeff Jensen, trying to stay busy during the Lost hiatus, points out that the claim looks legit, which is fine, but everyone, please: Fox has no interest in blocking the film's release! So stop bothering Fox!

Think for, like, two seconds: this is all about money. Fox wants to where they either get a straight-up payout from WB, or some kind of share of the film's revenue stream, which is sure to be sizeable. So let's all chill out.

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