E3 trailers: Halo 3, Killzone 2, Mass Effect, Resident Evil 5

E3 starts today, but Microsoft got a head start with their press conference last night in which they unveiled, among other things, the Halo 3 Xbox 360 and this new trailer which features actual gameplay footage (more on Halo 3 here):

So far one of the more buzz-worthy games per the early reports, though, is Killzone 2. Not a lot of people were expecting Sony to make much noise at this year's E3, so this is a good step for them towards making a strong showing. Here's the trailer:

But still, it looks like most of the game of the year contenders are going to be XBox properties. Check out the trailer for the long-awaited Mass Effect. It comes out this November (more here)

Finally, here's some Resident Evil 5 for you:

(Also, both Joystiq and Kotaku are your sources for the latest from E3; we'll try to catch up with the goings-on later this afternoon.)
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