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Tyler, the Creator signing causing a riot on Newbury Street?


WTF is going down on Newbury Street? Tyler, the Creator's Goblin signing is causing the locals to go mental. All just a warm up for tonight's OFWGKTA show at the Paradise? The Globe is reporting at least one arrest at the rapper's afternoon appearance in the Back Bay. (Above photo by Guillermo Antonini, @collabprojekt)

The revolution will be tweeted, as they say:

Screaming, "fuck the police" at cops who are angrily herding you, and 100s of other teens, seems like an overly bold move for Newbury St.

Update - Boston EMS being request+enroute for the an injured officer from the Newbury Comics incident...

Just witnessed a huge mob of kids fighting and like 15 cop cars... on Newbury Street. Everyone was recording on their phones lol

@jonblistein I hope you're already in boston: apparently the SWAT team is surrounding the @fucktyler signing at newbury comics! #swag

So @fucktyler just went down Boylston post @newburycomics signing. Based on screaming & flashing lights I was convinced we were under attack

@fucktyler & them brought the fucking SWAT team to Newbury Comics. Lmao.

BOSTON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FUCK Almost A Riot!!!

based on what is happening on newbury street right now, i have a feeling tonight is going to be obstreperously boisterous. #ofwgkta


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  • fb508565364 said:

    Riots! Swat Teams! Mayhem! Pitchfork East!

    May 12, 2011 7:29 PM
  • RacecaR said:

    I know that most people don’t care anymore and that they are going to curse me out for saying this stuff. No wonder this country is messed up, when people listen to this kind of music with profanity, sexual garbage and violence, they think it is all right. First of all don’t give me that crap about freedom of speech, freedom of speech is not about behaving or acting like this, if the founding fathers who wrote the freedom of speech found out that it would end up like this they would be devastated. When I look at the kids today they all have filthy things coming out of their mouth with no respect for anyone, sleeping around with everyone, no wonder half of them are suffering from STD’s and other sexual diseases. This kind of crap has to stop, again I know you want to curse or beat the hell out of me, but I know that there are still decent people out there who think that this kind of stuff Is wrong and it is wrong. We have taken freedom of speech and threw it in a toilet ball with raw sewage swimming around it. The way society is going the way it is (Lack of respect, STD’s, Violence, Divorces, anything goes and nothing is wrong any more) imagine how bad it is going to be in another 25 years, we have to change our ways and become decent with high morals or this country is going to go down. Again I know most of you reading this don’t give a crap and are laughing at me really hard, but that’s the truth.

    May 13, 2011 12:10 PM
  • DF said:

    @RacecaR words are just words. invented by human beings. we don't own the earth, the earth owns us and the earth is not insulted by the words we use. Your negative response to people cursing is just proving your own point that this country is messed up. There are much larger things to worry about than the words people use and how the media/the rest of the world perceives that person's use of those words. Stop worrying about what kids that you probably will never come in contact with and start worrying about how you live your own life because in the end that's all that matters.

    May 13, 2011 2:04 PM
  • Chris O said:

    The one person was a 13 year old girl. Its hilarious to know the cops can't even control a 13 year old girl, shows how weak our police forces are, such a joke hahahahah

    May 13, 2011 9:10 PM
  • tlarew said:

    @RacecaR In this case, it's the music reflecting society, not society reflecting the music. All the points you brought up are absolutely valid and I share a lot of the same concerns, but they have nothing to do with Odd Future or their music. Blame the kids, blame the parents, blame the people, but don't blame the music.

    May 14, 2011 4:42 PM

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