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You gotta fight for your right

. . . to evaluate the quality of various college parties (and assign a grade accordingly)
By JOE DIFAZIO  |  January 26, 2012

This is my friend who will never forget PC. He broke his foot at PC after one drunken night, and it resulted in him missing an entire semester of college. They go hard.


Parties attended: House party, backyard party, various bars

While PC isn't in Boston (obviously), it's only a 45-minute commuter-rail ride away, and totally worth it. The first time I went there, in the first five minutes, I was thrown a Natty Ice. Hoo-rah. There are vans, owned by bars, that shuttle drunk kids back and forth between the bars. It has all the bro-iness of BC, but without all the pomp. Kids are way more down to get down here. And PC is in a shitty part of Providence, so pissing on someone's lawn doesn't hold the same taboo that it would in Newton.

Grade: B+

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