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You gotta fight for your right

. . . to evaluate the quality of various college parties (and assign a grade accordingly)
By JOE DIFAZIO  |  January 26, 2012

A BU house party.


Parties attended: house party, dorm party, frat party, kegger, various bars

I have to be honest, BU has some pretty killer parties. I didn't want to give my alma mater too high a grade, because I didn't want to seem biased, but they really earned it. BU gained points for range: you could end up at a frat house where they filled the basement with sand for a "beach party" (how do they get the sand out?), or a cramped attic at hootenanny full of folkies, or the obligatory "hipsters-dress-up-like-zombies" party. There are always pretty girls, some of them nice, and more often than not,there's plenty of alcohol to go around — and you can always find someone to shotgun a beer with you.

Grade: A-

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