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126 Brookline Ave.
Boston, MA 02215
(617) 536-5390
FAX (617) 536-1463

The Phoenix Media/Communications Group is a family of companies that work together to reach people who share a similar lifestyle. Cooperatively, they create a unique atmosphere for our readers. Our company reflects a commitment to new ideas rooted in a solid and broadly cooperative business model. Put simply, we think this is the way new media works.

The Phoenix and
The Boston Phoenix was started in 1966 as a four-page arts-and-entertainment alternative newsweekly. Today, it is one of the largest publications of its kind in the country. The Phoenix is nationally known for its award-winning, incisive journalism and publishes the most comprehensive arts-and-entertainment listings of any paper in New England.

Over the years, the Phoenix has received many awards for excellence in journalism, including honors from the New England Press Association, the Penny-Missouri Newspaper Awards, the American Bar Association Gavel Awards, and the ASCAP-Deems Taylor Awards. In 1994, Phoenix classical-music writer Lloyd Schwartz was awarded a Pulitzer Prize for criticism.

In 1988, the Phoenix got into expansionist gear by acquiring the NewPaper in Rhode Island. In 1993, the NewPaper was re-christened the Providence Phoenix. In September of 1999, the paper extended its reach into Maine and Southern New Hampshire with the publication of the Portland Phoenix. Today, total Phoenix circulation is 253,000.

The Phoenix Web site features 90% of the paper's content posted online every week, and it is searchable and archived. We've won a host of critical awards for both our layout and content.

El Planeta Newspaper
Since its inception in May 2004, El Planeta has become the leading publication for the Hispanic market in Massachusetts. El Planeta is the only audited newspaper in Spanish in the Massachusetts and Greater Boston DMA. It is a newspaper with editorial integrity and a real mission: to inform, educate and unite the Hispanic community with other communities in the region. Read El Planeta on the web: //

FNX Radio Network
In 1983, 101.7 WFNX signed on the air in Boston to provide listeners with the best in new music and comprehensive coverage of arts and entertainment. People quickly took notice and tuned in, and the fledgling station was soon recognized nationally as a pioneer in the alternative music format. Broadcasting worldwide at and over the airwaves of 92.1 FNX in Maine and New Hampshire. FNX has expanded its reach and vision even farther to its broad, yet eclectic alternative audience. Visit FNX Radio on the web:

STUFF Boston
Showcasing the best that life in Boston has to offer, our bi-weekly magazine provides a must-have guide for the city's trendsetters and tastemakers. From nightlife and dining, to fashion and interior design, to culture and green living, STUFF covers the people and places that make this town extraordinary. Our readers are industry insiders, purveyors of cool, and life-long enemies of the status quo. We understand them because we are them. Visit STUFF on the web at
The most popular Hispanic-focused local web portal in Massachusetts, TuBoston is a bilingual Web site that offers advertisers a unique opportunity to reach Greater Boston's online Spanish speakers and those who love the Hispanic community. Dynamic, easy to read, promotion and user-friendly, TuBoston includes the complete weekly editions of El Planeta Newspaper and other special El Planeta related publications. Visit TuBoston:

Phoenix Media Ventures
The sports magazine and music program magazine division of PM/CG. PMV publishes the official yearbooks of the Boston Celtics, Boston Bruins, and the Boston Marathon Official Program. PMV also publishes the official program guides for the Tweeter Center, Bank of America Pavilion Summer Music Series, and World Music/Crash Arts.
Tele-publishing, Inc./ is the world's largest provider of voice personals to the publishing industry, and the web's most advanced online personals site. Visit Tele-publishing on the web: and

MassWeb Printing is a state-of-the art four-color web offset printing facility which prints all of our own products, plus many other regional newspapers. Visit MassWeb on the web:

The Masthead

Publisher & Chairman: Stephen M. Mindich
President: Bradley Mindich
Executive Editor: Peter Kadzis
Editor: Carly Carioli

Managing Editor: Shaula Clark
Arts Editor: Jon Garelick
Arts Copy Editor: Thomas McBee
Film Editor: Peter Keough
Music Editor: Michael Marotta
Senior Editor: Sean Kerrigan
Staff Editor: SI Rosenbaum
Staff Writers: David S. Bernstein, Chris Faraone, Eugenia Williamson
Events Editor: Alexandra Cavallo
Listings Coordinator: Michael C. Walsh
Editorial Assistant: Liz Pelly
Contributing Editors: Carolyn Clay (theater), Vanessa Czarnecki, Lloyd Schwartz (classical)
Contributing Writers: Mark Bazer, Matt Bors, Daniel Brockman, Michael Bronski, William Corbett, Caitlin Curran, Ted Drozdowski, Banning Eyre, Amy Finch, Michael Freedberg, Dan Kennedy, Mitch Krpata, Brian McFadden, MC Slim JB, Tom Meek, Brett Michel, Brett Milano, Mike Miliard, Robert Nadeau, Rob Nelson, James Parker, Gerald Peary, Adam Reilly, Marcia B. Siegel, Harvey Silverglate, Steven Stark, Karl Stevens, Gary Susman, Matt Taibbi, Charles Taylor, David Thorpe, Steve Vineberg, Mikael Wood
Cartoonist: David Sipress
Astrologer: Symboline Dai

New Media
Senior Web Developer: Gavin Storey
Online Content Coordinator: Maddy Myers
Web Producer: Cassandra Landry

Directors of Marketing and Promotions: Brian Appel, Mike Snow
Interactive Marketing Manager: Lindsey Mathison

Creative Group
Director of Creative Operations: Travis Ritch
Creative Director: Kristen Goodfriend
Corporate Design Director: Kevin Banks
Design Manager, STUFF Magazine: Janice Checchio
Senior Designer: Janet Taylor

Advertising Sales
Senior Vice President of Client Development: A. William Risteen
Vice President of Sales and Business Development: David Garland
Vice President of Print Media Sales: Marc Shepard
Vice President of Integrated Media Sales: Joe Charves, Everett Finkelstein
Sales Director of Integrated Media Sales: Sean Weymouth
Senior Account Executives of Integrated Media Sales: Margo Dowlearn, Howard Temkin
Integrated Media Sales Coordinator: Adam Oppenheimer
Director of Interactive Sales: Brian Russell
Advertising Operations Manager: Kevin Lawrence
Traffic Coordinators: Colleen McCarthy, Jonathan Caruso
Classified Sales Manager: Matt King
Account Executives: Meghan O'Connor, Chelsea Whitton
Retail Account Executive: Nathaniel Andrews, Christopher Gibbs

Circulation Director: James Dorgan
Circulation Manager: Michael Johnson

IT Director: Bill Ovoian
Facilities Manager: John Nunziato

Director of Finance: Scotty Cole
Credit and Collections Manager: Michael Tosi
Staff Accountants: Peter Lehar, Brian Ambrozavitch
Financial Analyst: Lisy Huerta-Bonilla
Accounting Coordinator: Courtnie-Ann Quinlan
Trade Administrator: Kimberlee Flaherty

Human Resources
HR Administrator/Generalist: Stephen Rose
Receptionist/Administrative Assistant: Lindy Raso

Associate Publisher: Stephen L. Brown
News Editor: David Scharfenberg
Managing Editor: Lou Papineau
Contributing Editor: Jim Macnie
Contributing Writers: Rudy Cheeks, Bob Gulla, Brian C. Jones, Phillipe & Jorge, Bill Rodriguez, Johnette Rodriguez, Pam Steager, Steven Stycos, Chip Young
Contributing Illustrators: Steve Brosnihan, Elizabeth Rock
Contributing Photographer: Richard McCaffrey
Credit/ Collections Supervisor: Anita Anderson
Account Executives: Michael Weber
Retail Account Executive: Andrea Mark, Bruce Allen, Jennifer Alarie, Dayna Mancini
Director of Finance: Scotty Cole

General Manager: John Marshall
Managing Editor: Jeff Inglis
Listings Coordinator: Christopher Gray
Staff Writer: Deirdre Fulton
Contributing Writers: Al Diamon, Brian Duff, Tony Giampetruzzi, Megan Grumbling, David Kish, Amelia Labreck, Ian Paige, Sam Pfeifle, Todd Richard, Lindsay Sterling, Shay Stewart-Bouley, Lance Tapley, Rick Wormwood
Account Executives: Joseph Baum, Erin Elizabeth, Eric Kenney, Kelly Collins


126 Brookline Ave., Boston, MA 02215
Tel: (617) 536-5390
Advertising department fax: 536-1463
Editorial department fax 859-8201

126 Brookline Ave., Boston, MA 02215
Tel: (617) 859-3300; Fax: (617) 425-2670

150 Chestnut St., Providence, RI 02903
Tel: (401) 273-6397; Fax: (401) 273-0920

16 York St., Suite 102, Portland, ME 04101
Tel: (207) 773-8900; Fax: (207) 773-8905

National Sales Office:
150 Chestnut St., Providence, RI 02903
Tel: (401) 273-6397 x232; Fax: (401) 272-8712

Web site:


Manuscripts: Manuscripts should be addressed to Senior Editor, Boston Phoenix, 126 Brookline Ave., Boston, MA 02215. We assume no responsibility for returning manuscripts.

Letters to the Editor: Send to 126 Brookline Ave., Boston, MA 02215, fax to (617) 859-8201, or e-mail to Please include a daytime telephone number for verification.

Subscriptions: Bulk rate $29/3 months, $49/6 months, $89/1 year; first-class rate $89/3 months, $175/6 months, $289/1 year. Bulk-rate postage paid, Boston, MA; allow 10 days for delivery. Send name and address with check and money order to: Subscription Department, Boston Phoenix, 126 Brookline Ave., Boston, MA 02215.

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