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Here's a familiar tight spot: it's the middle of winter and your friends are hosting their annual theme party. Last year, you waited until an hour before to prepare, threw on a crumpled, billowy shirt and some weatherbeaten slacks you found in the back of your closet, and whoops! — everyone mistook you for a plumber instead of a pirate. This year, you're getting it right: you're gonna be the best damn space wolf at the ball. Unfortunately, that party store is all the way out by the mall, and your co-worker with the perfect retro Danskins kept forgetting to bring them in, and all of a sudden it's happened again. Your clothes are strewn all over your bedroom and there's an uninspired cluster of brown scarf tassels glitter-glued to your chin. Ferdinand has bailed us out of this situation countless times. Beyond that canopy of charming, drumbeating squirrel tees there's a treasure trove of gloriously hideous pastel tops, quirky brooches, and headscarves bold enough to blind the retina. Ferdinand may not be as big as the other vintage outfitters, but it takes a heck of a lot more chances, and cares far more about fun than fashion. After all, that's what parties are for, right?

Ferdinand | 243 Congress St. #A, Portland | 207.761.2151

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