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Best Bollywood Stand-In

Masala Mahal


No matter what your favorite Indian restaurant is, there's always a big screen with a Bollywood movie showing for diners' entertainment. But if you get the wrong table, you can't see — or hear. Twisting and craning your neck, though possibly simulating yogic moves, is generally bad for digestion and enjoyment. This is why you should invite the overwhelmingly wonderful sensory spectacle of watching Indian dancing and singing while chowing fragrantly spiced entrées directly into your home. Masala Mahal is your one-stop shop. The unassuming storefront in a South Portland strip-mall sells as many subcontinental ingredients as you can imagine. Don't miss the freezers in the back, which are stocked with prepared Indian dishes ready to defrost and eat up (watch that sodium intake, though!). Apart from being a fabulous ethnic market, the real topper is the regularly updated selection of Bollywood films for rental. After you pick out the food you fancy, grab a couple of movies on the way out. Your tummy will thank you for the deliciousness, and for skipping the contortions.

Masala Mahal | Southside Plaza, 798 Main St (US Rte 1), South Portland | 207.699.5555

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