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Best Place For A Grown-Up Birthday Party

Fajita Grill

I never had a birthday party at a Chuck E. Cheese's, but after celebrating the advent of my 28th year on Earth at the Fajita Grill in Westbrook, I think I've had a comparable, if "more mature" experience. (Because enormous sombreros, overindulgence in tequila, and clapping along to a mariachi singer's tunes are all mature behaviors, right?) In fact, I think I lucked out.

Let's do a side-by-side comparison, starting with the food. At Chuck's, you get crappy kids' menu fare. At Fajita Grill, you get authentic Mexican grub. Our favorite is the enchilada platter that comes with five different enchilada incarnations (the resulting food coma/baby is worth it). Also, free chips and salsa that arrive the moment you sit down.

On to drink. Fajita Grill is the obvious winner in this category -- the margaritas are strong and served in glasses the size of bowling balls. Soft drinks and milk cannot compare.

Regarding entertainment, I guess it all depends on what you consider fun. Yeah, there are arcade games and mini-rides at the Cheese place, but there's Manuel singing "La Bamba" at Fajita Grill! And waiters who make gunshot sounds with paper bags while singing "Feliz Cumpleaños" and forcing you (the birthday girl) to take a shot of low-grade tequila while wearing a sombrero as big as a truck tire! Olé.

Fajita Grill | 857 Main St, Westbrook | 207.591.8150

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