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The Apohadion


In the year 2025, the physiological sensation of witnessing the Clash play the Rainbow Club in London in 1977 will be an inexpensive, downloadable product. Club DJs will be able to mix not only your favorite songs, but the memorable experiences you had while listening to those songs. "Touring" will have largely fallen out of practice. Why pay 50 bucks too see Coldplay when you can plug in and be Chris Martin, your slurry karaoke croons Autotuned to perfection before a sea of simulated fans. It is our hope that whatever nonsense conquers live music in the future, the Apohadion -- in all its ragtag beauty -- will still host performances of messy, ineffable, beautiful sound. Dave, Pat, and Ed consistently bring progressive and intriguing performers to town, whether in the form of campfire folk, antisocial synthpop, or adults pouring olive oil onto an amplified zither. We're also psyched to hear they're filling out their calendar with more theater productions, helping give that scene a makeover, too. Actual basement shows may be a thing of the past, but the Apohadion is the future.

The Apohadion | 107 Hanover St, Portland | theapohadion.wordpress.com 

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