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Best Movie Theater -- First Run


Sure, those dollar-admission days are long gone (replaced by $5 Tuesdays), but the Nickelodeon is still the finest, most convenient place to catch a big ticket flick. Year by year, the difference between Nickelodeon and the kitschy cineplexes gets bigger and bigger, and we like it that way. With its decades-old red carpeting and unimpeachable Audrey Hepburn poster, the Nickelodeon experience is charming and nostalgic, which is what a trip to the movies has always felt like. We appreciate their balance of box office smashes and under-the-radar independents, and there's no place we'd rather be during a snowstorm.

Nickelodeon | 1 Temple St, Portland | 207.772.9751 | patriotcinemas.com/nickelodeon.html 

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