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Best Excuse To Run Into People You're Trying To Avoid


Is there such thing as free beer? Well, the cost to get you into Greendrinks, a monthly gathering of socially responsible, environmental types, is technically $2 if you BYOV (bring your own vessel), or $5 without. For that nominal sum, there are several local breweries (and others) pouring beverages until they run out. The real cost, however, is the very good chance you'll run into someone you don't want to see: An ex-boyfriend, ex-friend, friend of an ex, you know, that kind of thing. Portland, after all, is a small city and the longer you live here, the smaller it gets.

Which of course can be a good thing -- even a great thing, many would argue. Portland is like a city with a small-town feel and Greendrinks can remind you what a great community it is. After all, Greendrinks originated as a grassroots effort led by a handful of local folks (although it is an international organization) that has managed to evolve into a massive social gathering of jam-packed venues and long lines for "free" beer. We particularly miss the days when they provided nametags, which gave it that true networking feel -- and also helped when you awkwardly forgot the name of that ex-boyfriend's friend. All in all, there's always a price to pay. | portlandgreendrinks.com 

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