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Best Upping of the Food Ante

Specialty Meals

Now that Portland’s making a real name for itself as a “foodie” town (we hate the term as much as you do . . .), chefs need to work harder to establish their chops among both their peers and those who enjoy their creations. No longer can local cooking stars depend on the strength of their daily menu alone; nay, they must create specialty meals to show off their skills. Who benefits? Why, us, of course. There are beer dinners at David’s Restaurant, Bull Feeney’s, Vignola, and the Salt Exchange, where we learn how to pair beer with food; a Whole Hog Dinner at Vignola, for which chef Lee Skawinski prepares authentic off-menu meals using all parts of the pig; FoodFilms events (the upscale version of dinner and a movie), presented by Rabelais, the Maine Ambassadors of Food and Drink, and One Longfellow Square; and the extreme experimentation that takes place at Deathmatch feasts (if you’re lucky enough to get an invitation). These one-of-a-kind food events are about more than what we put in our mouths — they’re gastronomy, geography, and gentility lessons, all at the same time, and Portland’s food landscape is better for them.

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