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Editors' Pick
Best Corned Beef Hash

Hot Suppa

Everyone has their litmus-test breakfast meal. For many people, it’s Eggs Benedict — if a breakfast joint can’t pull off decent Benny, what can they do right? For others, it’s corned beef hash (so named for the “corns” or big grains of salt used to cure the brisket-cut beef) with eggs and toast. Those people should go to Hot Suppa. Not only will they be convinced of the establishment’s morning-meal competency, they’ll probably never go anywhere else for breakfast (at least not if they have a corned beef hash craving). The shredded beef comes salty and cooked through, with a slight crust around the edges — no fatty mess here. It’s mixed with an ample serving of veggies — carrots, potatoes, onions — and well spiced. With sunny-side-up eggs running into the crevices or scrambled eggs sitting off to the side, and buttered rye toast with which to scoop it all up, Hot Suppa’s corned beef hash passes this test with flying colors.

Hot Suppa! | 703 Congress St, Portland | 207.871.5005 |
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