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Portland Players + Lyric Music Theater

Participation in community theater is sometimes a little insane. We put in eight hours (or more) at our day jobs (as lawyers, reporters, teachers, baristas), then head to South Portland to sing, dance, and emote for the larger part of the evening. We gobble dinner (maybe) on the way to the theater, and fall into bed exhausted when we get home late at night. We decline all manner of social invitations (or time with our spouses and children) because we have to be at rehearsal or a show. Oh yeah, and we do all this for free.

But the rewards we reap, if not financial, are certainly psychological. We might wear ourselves out, physically and emotionally, but it's worth it for the interpersonal chemistry — different for every cast and crew — that develops during the months of rehearsal; for the exciting exploration of yawning basements below the boards, overstuffed costume rooms full of period dresses and hats, and shelves of ancient props; for the tired-but-creative sensation that comes as we trudge to our cars after a productive rehearsal; for the sense of belonging, to a group and to a place, that hits us as we emerge from the stage door after a performance. Truth is, being involved in these often-impressive productions makes many of us feel that much more sane.

Portland Players | 420 Cottage Rd, South Portland | 207.799.7337 | | Lyric Music Theater | 176 Sawyer St, South Portland | 207.799.1421 or 207.799.6509 |

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