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Leonardo's Pizza

Leonardo DaVinci has a reputation for being the ultimate Renaissance Man: he painted classics like the Mona Lisa, he studied anatomy, and he drew plans for future inventions such as single-span bridges, hang gliders, and hydraulic pumps. Plus, he was Italian. With all this in mind, we think Leonardo’s Pizza — which arrived in Portland last summer — may very well be the edible incarnation of the 15th-century genius. If DaVinci was a food, he’d likely be one of Leonardo’s pies, which come laden with inventive — and artful — ingredient combinations. Take the Asian Thai Chicken Pizza. Who ever thought that peanut sauce belonged on pizza dough? An artisan, that’s who. And the Meat-Lover’s Revenge, Louisiana Cajun Creation, and vegetarian Four Cheese Fusion — all of these would be appropriately reverential meals for the Last Supper (which DaVinci painted in 1498). Perhaps, all these years later, we’ve given the Mona Lisa something to smile about.

Leonardo’s Pizza | 415 Forest Ave, Portland | 207.775.4444

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