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Editors' Pick
Best Editors' picks 2007: Arts and Entertainment

Mobile Gallery Space, and Rogues Gallery

Best Moving Art Form
It’s summer. It’s First Friday. You’re walking down Congress Street and hear the beat of drums in the middle of the square. There you find one of Portland’s hippest bands freaking out in broad daylight, surrounded by a throng of people, groups of whom are making their way to this mysterious moving truck. On closer inspection, you find it to be a MOBILE GALLERY SPACE adorned with an equally hip visual artist’s work. Then, the proverbial whistle blows, the band stops, packs all their gear in the truck, get inside themselves, and are driven to their next destination in town. I mean, isn’t that kind of the best idea you’ve ever heard?

It must be crazy being in the back of a moving truck in the dark like that. Not knowing when you’re going to get to the next spot. Getting jostled by the bumps in the street. There was this episode of “The Bloodhound Gang” on 3-2-1 Contact where they were kidnapped and put into the back of a truck and they couldn’t see. There were mousetraps or something that kept them trapped in there. That shit is scary. Truck Shows aren’t. Thanks to MENSK for making them happen.

MENSK Truck Shows | June 1, July 6, August 3, September 7 | Throughout Portland |

Best Locals-Only Discount on Wearable Art
Brad Pitt’s stylist was probably made aware of local artist Alex Carleton’s ROGUES GALLERY clothing line when it was featured in Vogue back in 2003. Pitt probably paid upwards of $50 for a T-shirt. Available on three continents — from Barneys New York to Milo in the Old Port, Rogues Gallery’s signature nautical style has more than made a name for itself. But we native New Englanders don’t have that Hollywood money. Luckily, they cut us Portlanders a break. Rogues Gallery has one or two “sample sales” each year, where the price cuts make it possible to have a different T-shirt design for every day of the week without breaking your bank. Carleton explains, “I feel almost an obligation, and I like that they’re accessible to people locally. It’s more gratifying to me to know that someone can get one on their back than to make the extra cash.” We also luck out by getting access to trial styles and designs that are unavailable elsewhere, and over the years the repertoire has expanded from ship-encrusted tees to vertical-striped knickers and even bibs for the babes. Enduring snowstorms through mid-April has its rewards — keep your eyes on the Phoenix for info on the next sale.

Rogues Gallery |

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