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Ask and ye shall receive

By DANA FADEL  |  October 27, 2014

My advice: There are different degrees of assertiveness. If you’re the type who can overwhelm others with your fierce confidence of what you want, you may want to reel that in to give others time to chime in. Don’t get me wrong, KA, being assertive is awesome, (and for women out there who are assertive, keep being assertive!), just ask yourself if you think your dates/sexual partners have the space to say how they feel or what they want. If they don’t, gently nudge them into conversing about their feelings/desires/needs if you have to, which may not be as ‘assertive’ but more casually communicating, just to get some of the clarity you’re needing. And hey, thanks for taking the initiative to ask a question. Very assertive of you.

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