2010 Best Music Poll Winners


Best Rock Act in Portland

Sun Gods in Exile


Remember when rock and roll was dirty and dangerous? Well, for Sun Gods in Exile it never stopped being that way. They've got the punch of AC/DC, the sizzling guitar work of Skynyrd or Guns 'N Roses, and the kind of fuck-you attitude that can rip a groupie's panties clean off. On top of their ferocious instrumental work, front man Adam Hitchcock's guttural growl bellows lyrics about fights and fast cars. After forming in 2008, these guys shredded their way right to the top with throwback after throwback to the glory days of rock and roll. The release of their debut album Black Light, White Lines in 2009 prompted a small European tour as well as an appearance at the South by Southwest Music Festival in Austin. AC/DC's prophecy that rock and roll will never die is certain to come true as long as bands like Sun Gods in Exile keep on paying homage to the greats.

2. Sidecar Radio
3. Lost on Liftoff
4. Holy Boys Danger Club

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