2010 Best Music Poll Winners


Best Electronic Act in Portland

Graeme K


Graeme K is a man on a mission — to rework, repackage, and rearrange lost and forgotten music into new works of art. Following in the footsteps of the visionary DJ Shadow, Graeme K uses samples from nearly all genres to create hodgepodge collections of sounds. Less about hooks and melodies, his music is about the auditory experience — about getting at what makes music good. He is able to stray away from the choppy, turntable-focused styles of artists like Kid Koala and create cohesive soundscapes based on musical relics. His breathy vocals on top of these auditory collages create an eerie aesthetic but don't become overbearing. With an appearance at the CMJ music festival in New York City and past residencies across the country, it is no wonder he was able to pull off the write-in win in this category. He also runs Mckeenstreet Music, the label to which indie act winners Brenda belong, among other Portland artists, and he has a new album, Amen Brother, due out this year.

2. Computer At Sea
3. Crunk Witch
4. Dreamosaic

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