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2009 Best Music Poll Winners


Best World Music Act in Portland

Kino Proby


A fitting tribute

Since their first performance at an open mic at Granny's Burritos in 2004, Kino Proby have become the stuff of legend. A trio of Americans paying tribute to '80s Russian rock legends Kino, they keep the original Russian lyrics but eschew their idol's Europop synth hooks for a straight-ahead rock and roll sound. Considering Kino are to Russians what the Beatles are to the English-speaking world, it's no surprise Kino Proby are embraced by not only the Portland rock world, but also New England's large Russian-immigrant community. Shows in St. Petersburg, Russia (Kino's hometown) and elsewhere around the globe have carried the torch of Kino's music not only to new generations, but new countries and cultures, the very epitome of the phrase "world music." Their infectious, energetic once-a-year live shows are not to be missed. Kill time waiting for the next one by checking out their Web site. |

1_Grupo Esperanza
3_Royal Hammer

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