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2009 Best Music Poll Winners


Best Punk Act in Portland

Covered in Bees


Sweet nectar

Covered In Bees are Portland's musical Hong Kong Phooeys, four humble and lovable Joes who take the stage and transform into number-one punk-rock super guys. Finding a frown in a CIB audience is like finding Waldo with your eyelids stapled shut. Their music is lab-tested to ensure it rocks at peak efficiency, and the lyrics are lovingly handcrafted from the finest materials known to man (even better than whatever they put in Snapple). CIB love their fans so much, they're bigger fans of their fans than their own fans are of them. Their songs display an uncanny balance of skill and wit, like "Gonna Need Some Coffee" (a/k/a "The Coffee Song"), a punk/metal stomper about the first thing you might think upon discovering a dead body. Try this for a sample lyric: "I don't need no tea/Don't need no chicory/Don't need the fuzz comin' down on me." |

1. Leftovers
2. Pubcrawlers
3. RattleSnakes

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