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2009 Best Music Poll Winners


Best Indie Act in Portland

Fire on Fire


Stormy sailors

Caleb Mulkerin, Colleen Kinsella, Chriss Sutherland, Tom Kovacevic, and Micah Blue Smaldone write with five different pens, think with five different brains, have ten different ears for melody, and sing with five wildly different voices, but Fire on Fire pulse with one giant, beating heart. The outsider folk supergroup play live and record in a songwriters-in-the-round format, but each of these singular musicians sings with a similar might about the darknesses encroaching and the truths we need to face to fend them off.

It takes a dynamic group of musicians to skirt effortlessly from a paranoid, slithering slice of gothic folk about keeping up with "the devil who eats my brother's bones" to a resolutely old-fashioned lament about a life that's passed you by; the band's latest album, 2008's The Orchard (Young God) makes such leaps with winning abandon. When these five voices join as one, the ground trembles and the sky opens to make space for their high, raucous harmony — the effect is somehow cataclysmic, haunting, rousing, and lovely all at once. |

1_Lady Lamb the Beekeeper
2_Brown Bird
3_Honey Clouds

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