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2009 Best Music Poll Winners


Best Electronic Act in Portland

Computer at Sea

electronica main

Wired for sounds

Galen Richmond's description of the "instruments" he uses to create his unique, delightful pop songs justifies his new award pretty darn well:

"The heart of my setup is a Casio SK-1 keyboard that I've circuit-bent extensively. It has a breakout box on the right-hand side with a grid of 25 switches, each of which corresponds to a unique glitch. They all behave differently depending on the sequence they're switched in and what voice the keyboard is set to. On the opposite side is an Atari joystick built into the speaker housing that controls five other glitches, as well as a metal cabinet handle that operates as a touch-sensitive pitch bend.

"The Panasonic Talking Compuvoice calculator, while not a lead instrument by any stretch of the imagination, has a pretty good repertoire of stutters and squeals. It was originally a calculator that read the numbers out loud for people with poor vision. I added an LFO circuit (Low Frequency Oscillator) that pulses a couple of ticklish spots on the board, creating small rhythmic breakdowns.

"I also use an Atari 2600 running a program called Synthcart that this guy Paul Slocum programmed a few years back. It uses the audio hardware already in an Atari to make a primitive sort of synthesizer with four or five voices and some limited beat-making capacity. I built my own controllers to use with it.

"Sha-zam!" Indeed. | 


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