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Dan Rather

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Review: Rose Contemporary blasts off

Outer limits
It's a sad thing to have an empty gallery in the center of Portland's Arts District. Whitney Art Works was a vital organ in Portland's arts community, and since it closed in January, the scene has missed it dearly.
By NICHOLAS SCHROEDER  |  July 06, 2011

Bull disclosure

As the candidates prep for the final debate, it’s a fitting time to ask: why do some journalistic conflicts of interest become scandals, while others get almost no attention at all?
As the presidential candidates prep for the final debate of 2008 — which will take place on October 15 in Hempstead, New York, with CBS’s Bob Schieffer moderating — it’s a fitting time to ask: why do some journalistic conflicts of interest become semi-scandals, while others get almost no attention at all?  
By ADAM REILLY  |  October 22, 2008

Whatever happened to Memogate?

Waiting for the Globe ’s mea culpa
If the Big Dig tunnel collapse that killed Milena Del Valle is the biggest Boston news story of 2006, the media story of the year is the Globe reporting — incorrectly — that a safety officer at the site all but predicted Del Valle’s death back in 1999. Key moments in memogate: Anatomy of a gaffe. By Adam Reilly
By ADAM REILLY  |  November 10, 2006

Stop whining and do your job

The White House and the media are not supposed to get along, stupid
A president with a history of antipathy toward the media complains openly about the “knee-jerk liberal press.”
By MARK JURKOWITZ  |  May 28, 2006

Listing forward

Sometimes a media critic just wants to herd a few cats
Like anyone who works a specific beat — sportswriters and political writers come to mind — media critics acquire lots of impressions, opinions, and stray observations that never actually make it into print, and yet they are worth musing over.
By MARK JURKOWITZ  |  May 03, 2006

Quotes and numbers, April 28, 2006

Marilyn Monroe, Donald Rumsfield, and Dan Rather
$1200: Amount that Tony Zirkle, an Indiana congressional candidate, paid for an original copy of the Marilyn Monroe Playboy issue, so that he can destroy it at a press conference to prove that he’s tough on porn and sex-crime issues
By  |  April 27, 2006

Celebrity skin

Couric’s ascent speaks volumes about the state of TV news
There were once television news people like Walter Cronkite, Chet Huntley, and David Brinkley — anchors whom you could actually believe.
By MARY ANN SORRENTINO  |  April 12, 2006

Grow jobs

  Why penis enlargement is poised to become the next big thing
Until a few years ago, Tom Hubbard didn't put much stock in penis enlargement.
By CHRIS WRIGHT  |  October 27, 2008
Portland Evolution N&F list photo

God and Darwin

A teacher's private battle between fact and faith
Julie Raines has been teaching biology at Yarmouth High School for 25 years. She hasn't always taught evolution.
By RICK WORMWOOD  |  February 02, 2006

Yahoo!’s one-man news army

Plus, sizing up ABC’s new anchors, gutsy changes at RKO, and reporters turn into government investigators
Everyone’s heard of garage rock.
By MARK JURKOWITZ  |  January 26, 2006

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