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Amos Libby's five weeks in the heart of the conflict

Play oud in the West Bank
"(Israeli) immigration asked me at the airport why I didn’t leave when I could have and I said it was because I felt safe. They told me I was nuts.”
By: SAM PFEIFLE  |  July 23, 2014


Bluestocking film series showcases women's stories

Among last year’s 100 top-grossing films, women represented just 15 percent of protagonists, and less than one-third of total characters.
By: DEIRDRE FULTON  |  July 16, 2014

Park, with recreation

 Squaring off
 Squaring off
By: NICK SCHROEDER  |  July 16, 2014

Between the dying and the dead

Politics and other mistakes
Being politically deceased, you’d think Steve Woods would give us a break by putting on a dark suit, lying down in a coffin, and closing his eyes.
By: AL DIAMON  |  July 11, 2014


Checking in: The New Guard and The Writer's Hotel

Literary scene
Former Mainer Shanna McNair started The New Guard, an independent, multi-genre literary review, in order to exalt the writer, no matter if that writer was well-established or just starting out.
By: DEIRDRE FULTON  |  July 11, 2014


No tar sands

SoPo committee introduces Clear Skies Ordinance
“People’s feelings are clear...they don’t want to be known as the tar sands capitol of the United States."
By: DEIRDRE FULTON  |  July 10, 2014


Wielding sister-city influence, or trying to

Portland-Russia relations
Russia’s odious anti-LGBT laws have been widely condemned recently, but this month they come into direct conflict with Portland’s international relations.  
By: NICK SCHROEDER  |  June 20, 2014


Pulitzer-winner coming to Portland

Dissident Hero
Formerly a reporter for the New York Times covering global terrorism (which is where he won the Pulitzer, in 2002), Hedges is best known for his anti-corporate stance, his criticism of US foreign policy, and his call to action.
By: DEIRDRE FULTON  |  June 11, 2014


Discover the pros of having less stuff

Let's Get Minimal
The Minimalists’ take on simplification is more about why than how, Millburn says, speaking from the passenger seat of the “tour bus” — a 12-year-old Toyota Corolla — that’s taking them on a 100-city tour that stops in Portland on Friday evening.
By: DEIRDRE FULTON  |  June 11, 2014


A street poet's story, captured on film

The Art of Busking
An interview with Barrett Rudich, director of A Place of Truth, a documentary screening at this weekend's Emerge Film Festival.
By: DEIRDRE FULTON  |  June 11, 2014


Left-right convergence - really?

Washington Report
“Unstoppable: A Gathering on Left-Right Convergence,” sponsored by consumer advocate Ralph Nader, featured 26 prominent liberal and conservative leaders discussing issues on which they shared positions. One was the minimum wage.
By: LANCE TAPLEY  |  June 06, 2014

Faculty senate plan would save USM over $5 million

On May 29, the University of Southern Maine faculty senate took a bold step in the #USMfuture saga, revealing an alternative budget proposal for the 2014-15 fiscal year with countermeasures that push against the austerity program enacted as a result of UMaine’s systemwide budget crisis.
By: NICK SCHROEDER  |  June 06, 2014

Sanford rolls out the red carpet

Unlikely Headlines
The support of the Sanford community has been equally overwhelming to filmmakers — both local and international.
By: CHELSEA COOK  |  May 22, 2014


Not giving up

No Tar Sands
The wind and chilly drizzle did nothing to dampen the spirit of anti-tar sands ralliers in Deering Oaks Park last Saturday, May 17.
By: CHELSEA COOK  |  May 22, 2014


Activation: Congress Square Park

Coming soon: Bench Lunch + Dinner + A Show
If you haven’t already, you may notic e that Congress Square Park has a new vibe this spring.
By: DEIRDRE FULTON  |  May 09, 2014

Provocative political essayist coming to Maine

Nothing Left?
The author of an incendiary piece in Harper’s magazine that lambastes liberals for lacking conviction and being too focused on electoral politics is coming to Brunswick this Saturday.
By: DEIRDRE FULTON  |  May 08, 2014


Extreme inequality: historical quirk, or long-term reality?

A New Formula
Piketty writes under the assumption that economists should tell a story that’s compelling rather than wallowing in the “childish passion for mathematics”  that he believes dominates his field.
By: ZACK ANCHORS  |  May 01, 2014

New group plans to carry on voter guide

Here comes the Brigade
A new grassroots organization has risen out of the League of Young Voters’ ashes, aimed at producing what was the League’s best known and most invaluable resource, the Voter Guide.
By: DEIRDRE FULTON  |  May 01, 2014

Michael James sent back to prison

The hearing’s topic was whether James’s “antisocial personality disorder” was enough of a mental disease to keep him from being sent to prison.
By: LANCE TAPLEY  |  April 16, 2014

So long, Slainte

Venue Watch
Why would so many lament a little venue with sightlines that make Fenway Park look wide open?
By: SAM PFEIFLE  |  April 16, 2014
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