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"Canada's Tar Sands Exposed: Exploring the Human & Environmental Costs"

Hannaford Hall, Portland, ME   (view map)

LEARN UP | There’s usually a lot of noise in the debate about tar sands oil, and like a lot of environmental concerns, the moneyed perspective is usually the loudest. So there may be a distinct lean to the public discussion forum concerning the topic today, titled “CANADA’S TAR SANDS EXPOSED: EXPLORING THE HUMAN AND ENVIRONMENTAL COSTS,” but hey, that’s what grassroots populist movements are for. And besides, superficial “neutrality” is often just a front for the backroom machinery of free market logic, which ipso facto benefits private interests. While there may certainly be those on hand to counter the opinions and findings of Eriel Deranger and Garth Lenz, two activist-artists touring the country talking to people about the environmental hazards of tar sands, the event should be plenty informative, especially when they’re joined by Maine advocates Carolyn Graney (from Protect South Portland) and Dylan Voorhees (from the National Resources Council of Maine), who will talk about local opposition efforts. Learn more on page 4; 6:30 pm and free at USM’s Hannaford Hall, 88 Bedford St. Visit for more info.

with Eriel Deranger + Garth Lenz + David Suzuki

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