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Short Term 12

1 Temple St, Portland, ME   (view map)

HOW TO BE HUMAN | In Destin Cretton’s film SHORT TERM 12, a pair of Millennials named Grace and Mason work at a foster-care facility for at-risk youth. Of course, they’re also lovers, and the stability of both roles becomes threatened by the intake of the troubled Jayden, a teenage girl whose story seems to trigger some deep-seated personal trauma buried within Grace. Over the course of the film, the couple struggle to maintain a balance of honesty, humor, and necessary catharsis in both their professional and personal lives. Sure, it sounds a little saccharine, but reviews have lauded the film for successfully dodging the pitfalls of sentimentality, and Brie Larson’s performance as Grace has been similarly praised. At the Nickelodeon all week at 3:45 and 9:15. Tuesdays are $5 all day. 1 Temple St. 207.772.4022.

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