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Brian Dolzani

650A Congress St, Portland, ME   (view map)

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HOT POTATO | Open Rounds, a new take on an old form at BLUE, has the peripatetic folk songwriter Shanna Underwood leading what is essentially a round-robin open jam. Here’s my fictional take, rooted in fact, of how it goes: Three musicians play with each other awhile, one subs out, another joins, the new guy gets clever and rattles off a too-tasty lick before ultimately learning to trust the newfound vibe the other two have built, and then things get really good. Repeat for an hour. The general thrust of the music never really stops like it does in most open mics, and you get to see people learning to play with each other on the fly, which provides a thrill similar to the one you’d find watching theater, or whatever dance might be happening on any given night through that huge Congress Street window one building over. Open Rounds starts at 7 or so, while songs of a more cohesive, personal flavor will go down at 8 pm, courtesy of BRIAN DOLZANI. 650A Congress St., 207.774.4111.

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'Born and raised in a little town', as Brian sings in the song 'In California', refers to the coastal Connecticut town of Fairfield. He has...

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