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"How Do You Do, Burly-Q?"

265 Main St, Biddeford, ME   (view map)

SIMPLE Q | Part of a weekend-long Oak and the Ax festival, which spills out from the Main Street venue into other arts huts in Biddeford, the artist known as Rosie Rimjob leads a panel about the history and future of burlesque at a fine new bookstore/coffee shop called Elements. Should be a worthwhile discussion. Burlesque’s recent revival has seen the form travel from the traditional, kinda problematic standard — often little more than women strutting around in their underwear as an ornamental sideshow for macho rock bands — toward something much more interesting and in line with evolving cultural notions of sexuality. “HOW DO YOU DO, BURLY-Q?”, an elusive title for an art form that’s as hard to pin down as it is provocative, begins at 6 pm. 265 Main St. in Biddeford, 207.710.2011.

burlesque panel with Rosie Rimjob, et al.

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