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Soul Asylum + Fountains of Wayne + Freedy Johnston

FRUSTRATED, INC. | Be honest: SOUL ASYLUM were pretty good. The Minneapolis rock band, who formed in the heyday of Husker Du and the Replacements with the moniker Loud Fast Rules, always seemed to possess a great combination of energy and melody, anchored by dirty guitars and Dave Pirner’s yearning, gravelly peal. Odds are their 2012 album Delayed Reaction won’t change your life (though it’s still pretty good), but there are plenty of laurels for them to rest on in a set at the Asylum tonight, with the FM pop group FOUNTAINS OF WAYNE and FREEDY JOHNSTON, an artist who enjoyed much praise for his songwriting throughout the ’90s. 8 pm; $32-35 at 121 Center St. 207.772.8274.

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Soul Asylum is an american alternative rock band formed in the summer of 1981 by Minneapolis high school friends Dan Murphy, Karl Mueller, and Dave Pirner.

Fountains of Wayne is an American power pop band, formed in 1995. The band name was taken from the name of a lawn-ornament store in...

Freedy Johnston (born 1961) is a New York City-based singer-songwriter originally from Kinsley, Kansas. Johnston's first album, "The Trouble Tree" was released in 1990, and...

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