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144 Ashworth Ave, Hampton, NH   (view map)

Filed under: blues, rap, rock, hip-hop, alternative

SEVERAL SHENANIGANS | Before ICP, Limp Bizkit, and Kid Rock, the welding-together of hardcore rap and country-boy blues-rock was a project broached by EVERLAST all the way back in 1990. Born Erik Schrody in Long Island, New York, Everlast spent that decade singing for House of Pain, the Irish rap-core group who gave us the kids’ song “Jump Around.” Then in 1998, while Fred Durst was making millions eviscerating George Michael hits with a squawking, garage-metal stomp, Schrody, donning his best scowl, dropped Whitey Ford Sings the Blues, a moody, beat-driven blues record which blew open the gate for kids too mannered for metal and too bewildered by hip hop. It sold bazillions, of which millions took note and began writing songs in the same style, thereby bringing us such worldly phenomena as Uncle Kracker. Everlast has faded over the years, but he never embarrassed himself, and if you’re a lifer for this sort of thing, you won’t be deterred by the hour long drive to his show in Hampton, New Hampshire, where he plays Wally’s Pub at 9 pm. $15. 603.926.6954.

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Everlast started his rap/hip-hop career as a member of rapper Ice-T's Rhyme Syndicate, releasing his debut album Forever Everlasting in 1990. It didn't enjoy much...

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