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Richard Blanco

345 Main St, Rockland, ME   (view map)

TALE OF TWO DUDES | Okay, let’s play a quick round of RICHARD BLANCO or ROB ZOMBIE. I’ll write a verse (line breaks removed), and you guess who wrote it...ready? A) “I’ll tell you one thing, man: nothing ever happens until you medicate the Witch Queen of Mongo and hail the passing of King George.” B) “My brother should still be thirteen, sneaking rum in the bathroom, sculpting naked women from sand.” C) “Maybe it was the billboards promising paradise, maybe those fifty-nine miles with your hand in mine, maybe my sexy roadster, the top down...” And D) “A wretched heart in the dark decay dominate forever. Destroy the things you love and see if I remember.” Toughies! (See the bottom of this page for answers.) If you’re a fan of either, you’ll know that Zombie headlines something called the Mayhem Festival, emphatically sponsored by energy drinks, in Bangor ($42.25), while Poet Laureate Blanco reads at the Strand Theatre at 7 ($20).

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