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Gary Hoey

144 Ashworth Ave, Hampton, NH   (view map)

Filed under: hard rock, guitar virtuoso, instrumental, rock, guitar

START SHREDDING THE NEWS | As a pre-adolescent, I used to sneak a pair of headphones as an adaptation to a stringent 9 pm bedtime. My Walkman had a radio, and once I tired of my copies of Achtung Baby and Harry Nilsson’s Greatest Hits, I would inevitably turn the dial to WMPG. While this practice would eventually yield much finer fruit, it’s been burned into my memory that the first time I did led to an hour long investigation of the music of GARY HOEY, an instrumental guitar shredder in the Steve Vai/Joe Satriani mold. Young, hungry, and defiantly awake, I probably never appreciated the wails of the electric guitar more than that night, and while my love for Hoey didn’t survive the hangover, he’ll always hold a place in my heart. If your story is in any way similar, you might seek out the Boston session guitarist, now 52, at his gig at Wally’s Pub, 144 Ashworth St. in Hampton, NH. 8 pm; $20, 603.926.6954.

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